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Thyme Powder

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Thyme, scientifically known as Thymus Vulgaris, is an evergreen herb that proves to have a
lot of different benefits for our health and especially for the skin. Thyme has a very good effect for healing wounds, sores, scars and cuts. It can relieve burns and act as a natural remedy for skin rashes. It can also reduce the symptoms of eczema. Being quite rich in antioxidants, Thyme can slow down the aging process and support a healthy and glowing skin. Thyme is also known as an inhibitor of tyrosinase. Human skin spots and freckles are caused due to the production of melanin after sunburn. Melanin is formed through several steps of reaction after tyrosine is enzymatically oxidized by tyrosinase. Therefore, Thyme inhibiting tyrosinase may help to suppress the generation of spots and freckles and be used for skin whitening as a whole.